Botan Centras

Botan chat bot is a mobile corporate assistant for Centras Group employees.

Botan is currently servicing 300+ users in Almaty alone, handling more than 2500 requests every month.

Launched in August 2019, it was initially used as a simple directory for a quick and easy search of employee contacts by name or surname, as well as getting info on the managers and basic data for each company of the group.

Withing the following year, Botan 2.0 evolved into a personal assistant, helping users find not only general reference information on the group of companies, but even on vacation periods and benefit ratings of individual employees.

One can use Botan to reset the forgotten password, extend one’s insurance coverage, make an appointment with a doctor at one of our clinics.

Botan is currently a platform where an employee can file issues concerning the workplace; help correct database errors and revise internal documentation; offer ideas on how to increase efficiency in their area of expertise. It offers tools for the optimization of the work in various departments. It is informing employees about new products, promotions and news of the group of companies. Botan is an alternative interface for one-click ordering of partner products from

And we are moving forward. In 2021, the Botan team started developing the third generation chat bot. Botan will be the progenitor of a whole family of bots that will take over routine tasks, thereby freeing up the time for the employees to develop, and allowing the Centras group to evolve even faster.