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Converting ideas into capital is a reflection of the philosophy and motto of the Group operating in an innovative economy, when ideas are the main engine of development.


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The Centras Group is a group of innovative companies operating in the financial sector.

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It is a digital emergency solution based on geolocation.

Aida allows you to determine the location of subjects and objects in real time, which makes it possible to interact in a digital format, automating processes and interaction within them.


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Centras Insurance and Tiketon have launched a joint product

March, 2020.
Insurance company “Centras Insurance” together with “Tiketon” launched a new insurance product designed specifically for “Tiketon” clients. The new insurance product allows customers to insure their tickets to shows and events purchased through the service. If an insured event occurs, the customers get a refund for the purchased tickets.

Centras Insurance offers a product for everybody

June, 2020.
Insurance company “Centras Insurance” has launched JUMP, a product for Kazakhstanis. The program has been designed to insure against accidents during leasure activities, including extreme activities. The product covers people aged 4 to 65 and is sold at a price of 99 tenge per day, which is affordable to any Kazakhstan citizen.

Corporate news in numbers

December, 2020.
The preliminary year’s results of “Centras Insurance” have been drawn up. The company has demonstrated positive dynamics despite the pandemic. Assets of the company have grown by 9%. The company has entered the the top 10 in terms of the premiums. The company’s margin grew from 1.80 to 2.27 billion tenge in 11 months. Loss ratio dropped from 2.2 billion to 1.9 billion tenge. An unallocated income of 1.5 billion tenge has been recorded. Returns on equity rose from 8% to 28%.